School of the Arts

Creative Movement (5yrs) & Introduction to Ballet (6yrs)

Available times: Tuesday 4:45-5:45 

1- hour class - meets once a week

Tuition: $83/month

Dress code Creative Movement:
  • Leotard: Pink- Body Wrappers BWP 020 
  • Tights: Ballet Pink- Body Wrappers C30 BAT
  • Shoes: Pink Ballet- SoDanca 69 Capezio 212 no drawstring shoes
  • Skirt: White- Dasha 4430 
Dress code Introduction to Ballet:
  • Leotard: Light Blue Body Wrappers BWP020
    Tights: Ballet Pink Body Wrappers Tights C30 BAT
    Shoes: So Danca SD 69 Capezio 212 shoes no drawstring
    Skirt: White Dasha 4430