School of the Arts

Performing Groups

Being a member of either MiniMag! or Magnificat! Youth Ballet is a high calling and commitment.  There is an expectancy for these students to attend weekly and sometimes monthly rehearsals in addition to their regular classes each week.  Discipleship training/Bible study time may be included into each group’s weekly responsibilities.  Because these are performing groups with the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through dance, acceptance into either group is by audition only.  Members and their parents are asked to read and sign a covenant agreement for the school year regarding expectations of the group.  These groups perform regularly at area events, nursing homes, schools and churches; the mission being to bring Jesus to our community through dance and personal interaction.


Magnificat! Youth Ballet

Back Row: Lorelai Hayden, Sarah Swan
Middle Row: Ana Brock, Ashley Myers, Abigail Browne
Front Row: Sarah Bedford, Anna Leah Jolly

Students in Levels IV-V are eligible to audition for this performance group.
MYB meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:30-7:30
There is an additional monthly fee of $40 to be in MYB.


Back Row:  Rileigh Bounds, Elle Elise Herrington, Collett Hudson, Kailyn Brock, Maya Voborsky, Simone McKinney, Emma Grace Nicholson

Middle Row:  Hannah Grace Peoples, June Elizabeth Clarke, Fancier Shi, Aubrey Brock, Shania Walker, Lindsey Lewis

Front Row:  Melissa Clark, Kenzie Starnes, Bentleigh Vernace, Victoria Liu, Kylah Young

Students in Levels II-III are eligible to audition for this performance group.
Mini-Mag meets Tuesday from 6:45-7:45 and Wednesday from 4:15-6:00
There is an additional monthly fee of $35 to be in MiniMag!