School of the Arts

  • CREATE ACCOUNT:  To apply for the Princess Camp you must create an account. 
  •  ADD STUDENT(S):  Click “Add a student”
    • FIRST, you must change the Location to "School of the Arts Madison
    • Enter emergency contact information (A person who isn't a parent)
    • Enter first and last name of the student, birthday and gender
      • Please enter the name the student prefers to be called, (Example: "Liz" for Elizabeth).
    • Click “Save Account and Log In”
  • CLASSES:  Click “Register for Classes”.
    • Under “Show” dropdown, choose “School of the Arts Madison Only”
    • Click the third tab at the top of the table "Madison Princess Camp 2019"
    • A list of classes will appear below
      • Select the class that corresponds to your child’s age for the Princess Camp
    • Click  “Submit” at bottom of page
    • Click Green "Finish Registration Now" at top of next page
  • FEES: Click the “Buy Now” button to pay for the camp (Registration is not complete without payment)
    • You can either login to your PayPal account or pay with a debit/credit card
    • Enter your information, then click “Pay Now”
    • This completes your registration

Thank you for applying for the Ballet Magnificat! Madison Princess Dance Camp!