Auditions and Program Requirements

The audition process for the Ballet Magnificat! Touring Companies is different from most ballet companies. Every candidate must participate in our Trainee Program for a time before he or she will be considered for a position with the Touring Companies. Apprenticeship with Ballet Magnificat! Alpha or Omega companies is the first level to which Trainees from Level II can progress. We believe the time in our Trainee Program will prepare candidates for ministry. It also gives us time to get to know each other.


Trainee Application Trainee Application (128 KB)

Application and Audition Process

Step 1: By December 1, 2019, submit Trainee Application Packet by mail in its entirety, including Application Form, audition fee, required photos, and Pastor's recommendation letter as a personal reference.  You must also email a YouTube link to the audition video of required exercises, to by December 1. (Please put the student's name in the subject line.)  This video must be uploaded as "Unlisted."  Ballet Magnificat! will notify you by e-mail by December 20, 2018, regarding your acceptance into the next level of the audition process.

Step 2: If accepted into the second phase, the dancer will be invited to a personal audition in Jackson, MS, January 23-24, 2020. Ballet Magnificat! will arrange housing and local transportation for any dancer invited to these auditions. (Family or friends traveling with the dancer are responsible for their own housing and transportation arrangements.)

Program Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age and have completed High School by September 1st of the year they will enter the program.
  • Applicants must submit a completed Trainee Application packet.
  • Prior to being admitted to classes, registered Trainees must sign and agree adhere to the
    1. Trainee Program Agreement;
    2. Guidelines for Accountability Agreement;
    3. Code of Conduct Agreement.

Ballet Magnificat! reserves the right to make exceptions to previously stated rules and requirements, at its discretion, in circumstances it deems special or extra-ordinary.


Your completed packet will include the following:

  1. Completed Trainee Audition Application
  2. $30.00 Audition Fee
  3. Full body dance photo, in profile 1st arabesque, en pointe for ladies and demi-pointe for men. Ladies in a leotard and tights and men in black tights with a tight fitting black or white shirt. No costumes or skirts, please.
  4. Head-shot photo with your name on back
  5. Pastor’s recommendation letter as a personal reference
  6. YouTube link to Audition Video emailed to with the student's name in the subject link 

Audition Video

The audition video provides the faculty of Ballet Magnificat! with the necessary information showing technical potential of a Trainee applicant, and is considered to be the first round of the Trainee Program auditions.

A. Introduction: State your name, age and where you are from.

B. Ballet technique class. Please record barre work from the side and center work from the front. Each combination may be done on 1 side, if desired.

___Battement Tendu/ Battement Dégagé
___Rond de jambe
___Grand Battement
___Battement Tendu with Pirouette en-dehors
___Balancé combination with Pirouette en-dedans
___Petite allegro with Battu
___Medium allegro with Sissonne
___Grand allegro with Entrelacé and grand jeté
___ Échappé with pirouette en-dehors
___ Piqué turns with tours chaînés

C. Classical variation en pointe.