About the Program

The Trainee Program consists of two levels, both with performing opportunities, discipleship courses, and a variety of vocational classes pertaining to the dance world. Ballet Magnificat! artistic staff and the faculty of the Trainee Program place Trainees into these levels according to their technical level and spiritual maturity after the personal auditions at Ballet Magnificat! headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi.

Students considered to have professional potential are accepted into the Trainee Program. Students may remain in each of the two levels a maximum of two years. At the end of each school year, students are evaluated and notified of one of the following:

  1. Remain in the program, with notification of level placement
  2. Advancement to Alpha or Omega companies as Apprentice (Level II students eligible)
  3. Released from the program and encouraged to pursue other professional dance/ministry opportunities

Both levels of the program are taught by the faculty of Ballet Magnificat! and the Trainee Program Staff. The weekly schedule is similar for both of the levels. Each day begins with a morning worship and prayer time where all members of Ballet Magnificat! join together. This is followed by Technique class (five days a week) and lunch break.  A variety of classes are held during the two class periods after the lunch break, depending on the day of the week and Trainee's level of placement. These class offerings are: Modern, Conditioning, Pointe, Variations, Discipleship/Bible study, and Trainee company rehearsals.

The Trainee Program of Ballet Magnificat! uses a Vaganova syllabus, modified to Ballet Magnificat! style.  The Trainee Program follows the calendar of the Jackson Public School system, September through May. Trainees are encouraged, but not required, to participate in Ballet Magnificat!’s annual Summer Dance Intensive.