Summer Dance Intensive Application Step-by-Step Instructions

1.CREATE AN ACCOUNT - To apply for the SDI, you must create an account.  Click "I am a new account or student."  Enter the name you would like on the account (whoever will be handling the account), an email address, and a password.  Continue filling out the account information, including address, phone numbers, emergency contact numbers (These should be contacts other than the student's parents.  In the case of an emergency, we will always call the parents first.), and student information.
Please disregard "Choose Your Billing Frequency."
2. STUDENT NAME - Enter the name and information for the first student. PLEASE enter the name the student prefers to be called. For example, if Elizabeth prefers to be called Liz, please enter “Liz” as the student’s first name. Upon acceptance, there will be a place on the additional forms to put the student’s real name.
3. STUDENT INFORMATION - Continue entering the student’s birthdate, email address and other information. In the field labeled "School", please choose the student's church denomination.  If it is not listed, please type it in the "Notes" space.
4. CLASSES - When finished entering all students' information, click “Save and Register Students for Classes."  After you’ve clicked this you will see a list of options, called classes. Make sure to choose "Workshop 2017" under "Displaying Classes for Session"
Please disregard the class day and times.

• First choose a session. For July 1 - July 15, choose “2wk-1” and for July 15 - July 29, choose “2wk-2.” For the 4-week session, July 1 - July 29, choose “4wks.”
• If the student is a male applying for the first session, choose “BOYS-1.” Second session: “BOYS-2” and 4 weeks: “BOYS-4.”
• Now choose the appropriate "class" depending on how many years of ballet experience the student has had since age 8.
• If the student plans to stay off-campus during the Summer Dance Intensive, please choose “OFFCAM”
• Please choose the appropriate class depending on how many years of pointework the student has had since age 8.
• Choose “RMMATE” if the student will be requesting a specific roommate. Should the student get accepted, there will be a place on the additional forms to indicate who the student would like to room with. Note: the student and requested roommate must be attending the same session of the Intensive, they must be within 2 years of age, AND they must request each other.
• Please indicate which size t-shirt the student prefers.
• If you are applying for the Teachers Workshop for 1 week (July 15 - 23), please check “TCHR-1” or for 2 weeks (July 15 - July 29), check “TCHR-2”

5. SUBMIT - Click “Submit Registration” when finished. You can go back to your account if you made a mistake.
--The application will tell you that Ballet Magnificat! is not accepting payments at this time.  You must click the "Pay Now" button on the main workshop page of our website.  This will allow you to pay with your credit card and we will match up the payment with the student, based on the contact information.
6. ARABESQUE - The arabesque photo MUST be emailed to in jpg format for the application to be considered.
7. APPLICATION FEE - Please then click "Pay Now" on the Summer Dance Intensive website.  You do not have to have a PayPal account; you can enter your credit card information.  This is for the $50 Application Fee only.  Upon acceptance, should you decide to pay the remaining balance with a credit card, the credit card information must be given again in the paperwork.  If you prefer, you may call Ballet Magnificat! with this information instead. 601.977.1001
8. RESULTS - Application results will be emailed as well as mailed within two weeks of receiving all 3 application pieces. Thank you for applying for Ballet Magnificat!’s Summer Dance Intensive!