SDI Application



  1. Head over to our online portal

  2. New students: Fill out the information (If the student is under 18, please enter the Parent/Guardian information). Already have an account? Login and go to step 5.

  3. Next, click on “Add a student”

    • Enter an emergency contact that is not a parent (In the case of an emergency, we will always call the parents first)

    • Under first name, please enter the name the student prefers to be called (Example: “Liz” for Elizabeth)

    • Fill out the other details

    • Agree to the terms and conditions

  4. Click on “Save Account and Login”

  5. Click on “Register for Classes”

    • Below you will see a list of classes.  Please disregard the class day and times. 

    • First, choose a session:

      • For June 29 - July 13, choose “1st Session- 2wk”

      • For July 13 - July 27, choose “2nd Session- 2wks”

      • For the 4-week session, June 29 - July 27, choose “4-wk Session”

    • Now choose the appropriate "class" depending on how many years of ballet experience the student has had since age 8.

    • If the student is a male applying for the first session, choose “MEN - 1.” Second session: “MEN - 2” and 4 weeks: “MEN - 4.” 

    • If the student plans to stay off-campus during the Summer Dance Intensive, please choose “Off Campus”

    • Please choose the appropriate class depending on how many years of pointe work the student has had since age 8. 

    • Choose “ROOMMATE” if the student will be requesting a specific roommate. Should the student get accepted, there will be a place on the additional forms to indicate who the student would like to room with. Note: the student and requested roommate must be attending the same session of the Intensive, they must be within 2 years of age, AND they must request each other. 

    • Please indicate which size t-shirt the student prefers. 

  6. Click on “Submit“ at the bottom of the page

  7. Click on the green button at the top: “Finish Registration Now”

  8. Application Fee: Click the "Make a payment" button to pay the application fee.  You can either pay with a credit/debit card or directly from your bank account.  Enter your information, then click "Pay Now".  This completes the online portion of your application.

  9. Arabesque: The arabesque photo MUST be emailed to in jpg format for the application to be considered. 

  10. Results: Application results will be emailed as well as mailed within two weeks of receiving all 3 application pieces. 

    Thank you for applying for Ballet Magnificat!’s Summer Dance Intensive!