Teachers Workshop and Retreat


Location and date:

  • Ballet Magnificat! studios and 
    Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi

  • Saturday July 11 - Saturday July 25



  • 1 Week: July 13 - July 29

  • 2 Weeks: July 11 - July 25

Application and Information


Please use these step-by-step instructions as you apply through our online portal

Please also email your headshot to bmag.workshop@balletmagnificat.com

Ballet Magnificat! will send you a confirmation letter within two weeks of receiving your application, headshot (emailed to bmag.workshop@balletmagnificat.com), and credit card information.



Each year, teachers from across the country come to the Ballet Magnificat! Summer Dance Intensive for training and development classes with our ministry professionals. Open to all dance teachers ages 18 and up, our format provides an opportunity for teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds to come together with other teachers to learn, be refreshed in the Lord and share ideas.

Ballet Magnificat! School of the Arts is a thriving and growing school with approximately 400 students and is under the direction of Ballet Magnificat! founder and II USA IBC silver medalist Kathy Thibodeaux. Drawing from the many talents of the Ballet Magnificat! professional companies during daily operations, the School puts the Lord Jesus Christ first as it offers "training of excellence" to Jackson area students, plus Trainees from many states and nations.

During our Teachers Summer Workshop, we offer you the opportunity to draw from our company artists, as well as from the Ballet Magnificat! staff and School personnel to assist you in creating a school of excellence.




The Workshop

Schedule and Curriculum

Teachers are allowed to plan their own daily schedules

  • You will receive a schedule of all the classes being taught (both teacher specific classes as well as student classes) and you plan your day just like you want it!
  • Take/observe classes of your choice with the students, or attend any of the many classes designed specifically for teachers.
  • Most of the teacher-specific classes are in Week 1. Week 2 is more open for you to observe student classes and enjoy a more flexible schedule.
  • Each evening, participate in the same activities as the dance intensive students including Bible studies and Creative Worship.
  • 1- and 2-week teachers will attend the Company performance on the first Saturday of the session.
  • 2-Week teachers will attend the Student Gala at the end of the workshop, which includes the Pre-Professional Level's performance of their ballet!
  • Teachers have their own prayer and Bible study groups.
  • Choose to stay one week (8 nights) or two full weeks.
  • Special Teacher Classes taught by Ballet Magnificat! faculty (including Kathy Thibodeaux, Jiri Sebastian Voborsky, and Jessica Brock) are planned for our Teachers:
  • Exploratory Technique
  • Exploratory Pointe
  • Choreography for Lower School
  • Choreography for Upper School
  • Beginning Pointe Variations
  • Terminology and Vocabulary
  • Composition and Props for Lower School
  • Composition for Upper School
  • Props in the Lower School Classroom
  • Administration


Each teacher receives session notes at the sessions they attend. This summer's class descriptions soon to come! Special Dinner - Hosted by Keith and Kathy Thibodeaux. Teachers love this wonderful opportunity to hear Keith and Kathy's vision and pick their brains for help in implementing their individual school or ministry's vision. We will take you to one of Keith and Kathy's favorite local restaurants.

Outings - We're making plans for off-campus outings for food, shopping, coffee and fun!


Housing and Arrival/Departure


  • Classes and chapel meetings held at Ballet Magnificat! studios and Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Belhaven University dormitories are reserved for teachers who wish to stay on campus.
  • Meals served daily by the cafeteria on campus. You may eat in the cafeteria - or not. All teachers will be set up to pay-per-meal. Often teachers like to eat meals off campus or eat light in their rooms. In order to help you save on your costs, we have worked out this plan with Belhaven University. You may pay for each meal as you eat, or purchase a meal card - $6.99 per meal.
  • Teachers are required to bring bedding, towels, and personal toiletries.
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities available in each dorm.
  • Prior to the workshop, participants are prayerfully divided into Bible Study groups.
  • Counselors are assigned to each group to provide assistance, moral support, spiritual encouragement and Bible studies.
  • Teachers choosing to stay off campus are responsible for their own meals and transportation to and from Belhaven University each day. Meals may be purchased at the Belhaven cafeteria for $6.99 per meal and meal cards are available for purchase at the cafeteria.

Arrival and Departure
We provide a shuttle for those on-campus teachers coming by plane, train, or bus on arrival and departure days, with greeters assigned to check in each arriving participant.

Preferred Arrival and Departure Times:

Arrival Date - July 11
Preferred Arrival Times - Driving: 10am - 4pm, Flying: 8am - 4pm

Departure Date - July 19 or 25
Preferred Departure Times - Driving 6am - 10am, Flying 6am - 2pm



$50 Registration Fee

Session Room & Board Special Dinner Tuition Total*
July 13 - July 21 $393 $45 $380 (off-campus $455) $818 plus Reg. Fee($500 off-campus)
July 13 - July 27 $579 $45 $615 (off-campus $690) $1,239 plus Reg. Fee($735 off-campus)

Special Dinner with Keith and Kathy Thibodeaux at one of their favorite local restaurants.
Includes session notes and Bible study materials.

Room & Board includes dorm room on Belhaven University campus and one meal on Saturday, July 11, your arrival day. All other meals will be paid for individually by you (except the Special Dinner).

Teachers receive 5% tuition discount for each registered student from his/her studio attending the workshop. (Only one teacher per studio receives discount.)

More about the workshop

Focus on Jesus Christ

At Ballet Magnificat! we seek to honor Jesus Christ and make Him known to the widest possible audience through the medium of dance. So how does that happen at our Summer Intensive? We begin each day with praise and worship and an opportunity to hear personal testimonies from Ballet Magnificat! staff and professional company members.

Also, all teachers are assigned to counselor groups. These groups meet for Bible studies in the evenings. Teachers often find that treasured friendships are formed in their groups as they are able to discuss and learn with others.

Creative Worship sessions take the dancer from the classical setting and allow them to use dance and creative talents as a worship tool. Teachers and students are encouraged to use their dancing as an expression of adoration to the Almighty Creator.

Ballet Magnificat! is an inter-denominational ministry. Our members attend a variety of churches including Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, and non-denominational charismatic. It has always been our policy not to encourage one denomination over another, but rather to respect one another's choice of worship and to celebrate our common faith in Christ.