Frequently Asked Questions

Where do trainees live?

Trainees are responsible for their own housing. Trainees rent apartments and houses together. The Trainee Director assists trainees in finding housing. Trainees are not allowed to live alone and must have their housing approved by Ballet Magnificat!

How are trainees supported?

Trainees are responsible for their living and tuition expenses. Some trainees receive support from their parents, with training in the program considered the equivalent of attending college. A few trainees have received scholarships from local civic and arts groups to cover their tuition, while some have raised support from family, friends and churches. We encourage all trainees to raise support prior to coming to reduce the stress of work in addition to a full day of classes.

Do trainees work?

There are businesses in Jackson who are “trainee friendly”. Most trainees work evenings and weekends.

Do trainees need a car?

A car is not mandatory, but makes life much simpler. If you do not have a car, you must rely on friends and roommates for transportation to and from class, work and church. Most trainees have cars, but not all.

Do trainees pay tuition?

Yes, tuition is $350.00 per month, September - May.  Monthly tuition for boys is $175.00.  There is also a $50 costume fee.


Are there Scholarships available for the Trainee Program?

The Rose Faucher Scholarship is presented each year to a 2nd year female Trainee who is chosen by the ministry as meeting the scholarship’s qualifications. This is not a scholarship that can be applied for.

There are a few scholarships available for male dancers who meet the qualifications set by the ministry.

What are the dates of the school year?

Classes begin the first week of September and go through the third week of May.

What school holidays do trainees observe?

Trainees observe standard school holidays, including Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday), Christmas (three weeks), one week of Spring Break, and Easter (Friday-Monday).

Are trainees required or allowed to attend summer classes?

Trainees are welcome to take classes in our Summer Dance Intensive held during four weeks in July, however, it is not required.

Do trainees attend college classes?

There is not enough time during the day for trainees to attend regular college classes, however some trainees take night classes at local community colleges or take courses online.

Is there a Dress Code for trainees?

Yes, as stated in the Trainee Handbook.

How often do Trainees perform?

This is determined by the time of year and level placement.  Performance experience is an important element in growing as artists.  Therefore, trainees have the opportunity to perform in schools, festivals, nursing homes, and churches, as well as with the Company in our annual Christmas Production.