The Arrival


THE ARRIVAL challenges the artists to deliver a performance filled with unique style, high energy, and deep-felt passion. It awakens anticipation in the hearts of the viewers for the return of Jesus Christ. The dancers celebrate the Lord, long for His presence and the glories of heaven, aim to take a stand, and persevere through and for the call of urgency for believers – all to the music of Phil Wickham and Kristene Mueller,

The beautiful pas de deux to Homeward Bound danced by Kathy Thibodeaux and John Vandervelde urges believers to run the race well and be in anticipation of the Lord’s arrival.

This choreography marks the first work Tara, daughter of Keith and Kathy Thibodeaux, has set on Ballet Magnificat!

Choreography by Tara Thibodeaux Drew.

Running time: 30 min.